Addressable Thermistor Strings

The Model 3810A Addressable Thermistor String is a variation of the Model 3810 Thermistor String, which uses addressable thermistor sensors installed on a 2-pair cable. This configuration allows up to 256 sensors to be installed on a single, 6 mm diameter cable up to 2000 m in length.


Range −40°C to +70°C
Accuracy ±0.605°C | −40° to −20°C
±0.303°C | −20° to −10°C
±0.102°C | −10° to 0°C
±0.052°C |   0° to 50°C
±0.403°C | +50° to +70°C
Resolution (Non-Linear) <0.01°C
Supply Voltage 5 V to 16 V