What is VA/VE?

Value Analysis/Engineering is a systematic and organized procedural decision-making process. It has been used in almost any kind of application. It helps people creatively generate alternatives to secure essential functions at the greatest worth as opposed to costs. This is referred to as value. It is also known as Value Analysis, Value Management, Value Planning, and a host of other names.

It answers 3 big questions:

  • What must the item do?
  • What does the item cost?
  • What is the item worth?

Our VA/VE service evaluates your products and supply chain from a unique perspective allowing for cost reduction, improved quality, and meaningful supplier relationships.

Below is a typical VA/VE methodology framework.

In Today’s world increasing competition and evolving technologies continue to put pressure on the profitability of the products during its lifetime. Our VA / VE services help you reap benefits from these services in their journey from cost orientation to customer value orientation.

The value engineering services look beyond the conventional cost reduction measures and focus on value drivers such as convenience, quality, time saving, safety and exclusivity. Our Systematic approach helps to evaluate and prioritize the features in a product.

Our VA / VE services would help you to realize benefits such as:

  • Reduced cost
  • Reduced lead time
  • Improved life
  • Simplified assembly
  • Improved packaging